Monday, January 27, 2014

'78 Kawasaki KZ650 Cafe Fighter

This bike came in as a stock 1978 KZ650 that had been sitting in a shed for a good few years. We did a bunch of stuff to get it roadworthy, like new tires, steering bearings, chain, fork service and carb and caliper strips. We also swapped out the handlebars for some MX bars, swapped the front master cylinder for a VFR one and installed braided hoses. The headlights came from the Drag Specialties catalogue and I welded some flat bar onto the lower triple for the mounts.


The rear brake caliper on these bikes is a bit on the big size but the budget really didn't stretch to replacement/custom bracket so we just repositioned it behind the muffler using the stock torque arm which we bent to work with the tab we welded on the bottom of the arm. We replaced the rear master cylinder with something a bit smaller and a fitted braided hose.

The owner brought in a small cafe-racer tail he wanted fitted but it was just to narrow for the subframe. It looked a bit like the older CB900F tails so I found one of those and modded it to fit. The subframe was cut down and an undertray and battery box made up. The seat base was made from 1/4" plastic board (the sort of stuff you use for a cutting board in the kitchen) with some of the original seat foam and covered with leather from a skirt I found at Goodwill.
 We delugged the subframe and mounted the rear master cylinder out of the way to give a clean/minimal look to the rear.

We did have a charging issue when the build was finished. Turns out older bikes don't have enough charge rate to support two 60/55w bulbs. A change to 35/35w bulbs sorted that.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Bike in a Box 1997 GSXR750

Back in 1997 this GSXR was stolen with only 1k miles on it. The thieves partly stripped the bike and put the frame, motor, electrics, carbs and exhaust in a crate and shipped it out. The shipping company then lost the crate in their warehouse, where it sat till recently when the shipping company went out of business and started clearing out the warehouse. One lien sale later and the crate ended up at Evolution.
I had a '98 GSXR track bike that I'd parted out so used the bodywork, front and rear ends from that. The rear end was stock but the front had '06 GSXR600 forks and calipers in 02 GSXR1k triples (I've got a lot of bits lying around). The front wheel is SRAD but the hub's been machined down so the SRAD discs fit the spacing of the triples and radial calipers. The top triple was reinforced and risers from an SV650 and a set of handlebars I had lying around were fitted along with longer cables from Motion Pro and bar end mirrors. I fitted an ebay headlight on custom brackets, a race can from a CBR900RR (I think), tucked away all the wiring, cleaned the carbs and got Dave at D1 California Cycles to paint the body. It runs and rides great and looks the part too.
From this

To this

Thatch's GSXR7/11 Streetfighter

This was my first full build and was built for a customer in my spare time. A busy business meant it took about 5 years to complete.

Suzuki GSXR7/11 Streetfighter
Original make & model – 1989 Suzuki GSXR750

Engine – 1989 GSXR1100, Mikuni 38mm flatslide carbs, velocity stacks with screen filters, cable clutch conversion, Bandit 1200 Akrapovic full system.

Frame – 1989 GSXR750, polished, subframe removed, braced, top shock mount crossbar welded in. '06 Yamaha R6 subframe, FZR600 kickstand.

Front end – 2005 GSXR1000 forks, lower triple, brakes, wheel, discs & steering damper. Fork outer tubes, caps and adjusters anodised black, revalved and resprung with Race Tech Gold valves and springs by Rob @ Evolution. LSL top triple and handlebar conversion. Hayabusa master cylinder. Spiegler braided brake lines. CNC clutch & brake levers from ebay.

Rear end – 2002 GSXR750 swingarm (polished) & brake, '02 GSXR1000 wheel, Penske 8983 shock, KLX400 master cyllinder, Spiegler braided brake line. Vortex 52 tooth sprocket, EK 530 black chain, modified hugger.

Bodywork – '05 GSXR1000 front fender, '89 GSXR tank, '06 R6 tail and seats

Electrics - '05 GSXR750 switchgear, Veypor dash, Drag Specialties headlights, R6 integrated taillight.

Paint – Flat black by Salvador

Engineering – Exhaust bracket, dash & headlight mount, top shock mount, swingarm spacers, modified R6 subframe and subframe mounts by Rob @ Evolution